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History of Salt In Wounds

In the year 903 CE five knights were banished from Kadali Empire. The reasons behind their expulsion was never known or has been long forgotten. All that is remembered is they fled south to the Old Kingdoms. Theses 5 knights, by virtue of gods or man, came across something impossible in the vast desert of southern Kadali; a colossal beast bound by great chains 700’ down in a large canyon. They stayed in the canyon and studied the beast, determining after a time that this must be the legendary Tarrasque. The knights agreed to never reveal that they were not the original binders of the beast.
Ten years later a settlement was established and mining of the great beast began.

The ruler of Salt In Wounds is Thurge of Callow (also known as The Binder Lord), one of the original knights and the most revered of people in the city. He claims to be the last of them, but this not true. All the Binders would be quite old by now, Thurge is 132 and still quite strong, thanks to the Tarrasque blood he drinks.

Running the burgeoning city went fine for awhile, the 5 Binders voting between themselves of what course to take the city. As the old friends grew older they began to question the morality of keeping the creature alive. It came to a 4 to 1 vote against Thurge to let the residents of the city make the choice. Thurge killed two of other knights in their sleep, but was unable to get Esuuzzus and his brother Ra’Aznel before they realized what was going on and escaped.

The two brothers fought about their next move, ending with Ra’Aznel fleeing the city and Esuuzzus staying, vowing to defeat Thurge. Although Esuuzzus never made any successful moves against Thurge, he’s collected a great deal of data about him and the Tarrasque.

The thri-kreen arrived shortly after the erection of the first buildings. Claiming to be mortal enemies of the Tarrasque they swore allegiance to the Binders.

Salzi Wůuns, or ‘bindings of god’ in the old tongue

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